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How Can I Support Your Surfing Journey?

I create customized physical therapy and coaching programs for surfers so they can stay engaged with the ocean and lead vibrant and healthy lives.


What Hurts?

Back Pain

Not only are back injuries one of the top 3 injuries in surfers.. but back pain is experienced by up to 80% of all Americans at some point in their lives. Learn more how physical therapy can help your back pain and minimize the need for surgery or injections. 


Knee Pain

Knee  pain limit your ability to pop up, cut back, or even just walk to the beach. Download this tips report to get ideas on how to manage your pain and get back in the ocean. 


Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries are very common amongst surfers. Oftentimes our daily lives and posture during the day can contribute to shoulder pain. Download this tips report to gain understanding of how to prevent shoulder pain and keep paddling for life. 



After being out of the water with back pain for over a year, I started my PT practice with a mission to help others avoid the same experience. Between 2013 and 2019, I have had to undergo 3 lumbar spine surgeries, (including one in Panama), because I could not walk upright, sneeze, sleep or surf without pain. As a result, I can completely empathize with others who have been dry-docked with an injury and out of the water.

My journey has taught me that rebuilding physical strength after an injury is only part of the equation of healing. While my professional training as a physical therapist taught me how to heal and prevent injury from a mechanical perspective, my personal experience and life coaching training has shown me that oftentimes there’s a lot more to the equation than ‘fixing’ an injury.


Is Physical Therapy For You?

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"As a long time surfer I was struggling with some issues that come upon many surfers as we age. Shane’s extensive knowledge enabled her to understand what those issues were and then customize a training program that keeps me in the water longer and still riding shortboards at the age of 60."

Mike May
– Mike May, VP Gaming Operations, Pechanga Casino and Resort

"I went to Shane with an acute case of sciatica. In short order, Shane identified the incorrect exercise form that caused my issue. I left that day feeling better and I followed Shane’s personal plan for me. I have been pain free ever since. With Shane’s expertise and direction, I can keep doing the activities that I love. Shane is totally focused on you with no distractions during your appointment. I highly recommend Shane Carpenter for state of the art physical therapy care."

Mary Kate May
Massage Therapist

"Since I started working with Shane almost 3 years ago I have seen such a vast amount of improvement it is hard to quantify exactly. I was not comfortable walking and barely able to surf. I am happy to say that by following the exercise programs that Shane tailored for my specific needs and her hands on care, I am able to live the active lifestyle i chose so long ago and battle diligently to preserve. It is great to have such valiant ally on my side. Thanks Shane!"

Gary Linden
– Gary Linden- Linden Surfboards, VP WSL Big Wave Tour

"I suffered a torn biceps tendon that resulted in frozen shoulder. After months of ultrasound massage therapy acupuncture and physical therapy and met Shane Carpenter of Surfer’s Edge PT. She made The difference in my recovery. I’m back to surfing golf and shaping surfboards I would recommend her to anyone!"

Ken ‘Melmo’ Brown
Melmo Surfboards

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