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Correct asymmetrical movement patterns in your spine & extremities, strengthen throughout your core, so you can return to surf on your shortboard.




If you have felt disconnected from your shortboard because of difficulty with duck diving, balance, or paddling, then this course may be for you. 

Using the Surf Body Connection 6-Step method, we help normalize your body's neutral posture and improve your core, spine, and upper extremity strength to tolerate asymmetrical loading while surfing and duck diving.


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The Surf Body Connection Method Uses a 6-Step sequential approach, based in functional movement, to help you improve. In our courses, we walk you Through Each Step Of The Process So You Can Meet Your Goals:

Step 1: Functional Mobility

Step 2: Postural Awareness

Step 3: Motor Control

Step 4: Stretching

Step 5: Strengthening

Step 6: Dynamic Stability



 We believe that keeping you surfing longer in life will help you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle, and help prevent many of today’s disease processes. The Surf Body Connection helps you take control of your lifelong goal to surf through our online wellness programs.

Many surfers will not acknowledge dysfunctional movement patterns until it's too late, and they are forced out of the water due to symptoms of weakness or  pain.  Over time, many surfers lose confidence in their surfing ability and focus on the injury/activity that caused them to have to stop surfing, creating a barrier to keep people surfing. 

Surf Body Connection believes that this short-term strategy 'fix it after its really broken' strategy can lead to frustration, mental and physical anguish as a preventable acute or repetitive injury keeps you from doing the activity that you love. 

This course uses the Surf Body Connection Method to help you determine what factors may be contributing to your popping up challenges: rather than simply practice popping up on the flat land over and over without knowing what is causing the issue.

This course will help strategize and overcome each of these types of obstacles, allowing you tune into what you need to focus on most to improve your pop-up and keep surfing for life.



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" I adore Shane and she is a FANTASTIC physical therapist and person!  I have had two injuries in the past year and I trusted going to her to assess before even wasting my time or money going through the traditional avenues.  She is a whiz at knowing the alignment and structure of the human body and the work she does and exercises she recommend provide immediate improvement and success.  I would recommend her to all of my family and friends (and have!) "

- Brianna K

" Shane did a very professional and comprehensive assessment of a shoulder that I injured putting up siding. Suffered with the soreness for months. Wish I had talked to her right away. Loved the way she listened. Her advice was spot on. I was from out of town and used her guidance to get PT locally. Three months after her assessment I was enjoying a summer golf league with no concerns. "

- W.B


"I went to Shane after back surgery to fuse my L3-4 joint and some very unremarkable post-op visits to a common physical therapist...

 I am happy to say that I am not only surfing again but I'm as active as I was prior to my back issues. I would highly recommend Shane to anyone."

- G Westermeyer


Surf Body Connection’s courses are online learning experience developed by a physical therapist, based on the latest peer reviewed surf research, to address surf injury prevention, surf strengthening, surf mobility, and functional movement to help you surf for life.

Surf Body Connection’s online programs were created from 20+ years of working in the health and wellness industry, specifically in surf-specific physical therapy practice since 2013. However, there should be no confusion.. Surf Body Connection’s courses are NOT physical therapy!

These courses use based in proven functional movement foundations and screening tools, as well as observation and treatment of common movement and mobility deficits seen amongst both professional and recreational surfers of all ages. These courses were developed after researching injury trends seen in peer reviewed scientific literature, injuries seen in competitive and recreational surfers in the clinic, beachside, and in competition were all considerations that were put into creating these courses.  That said, Surf Body Connection is an online educational platform is here to help you prevent injuries through research-based content, and keep you connected to the ocean and surfing for life!

Surf Body Connection’s online experiences can be accessed by anyone around the world who has the mission to stay connected to the ocean and surfing for life.  While our programs are recommend surfers who are 18 years and older, we find that surf coaches and other surf professionals can implement our content in their training program with younger populations.

This DIY Program is designed for you to move through the program at your own pace, and, from anywhere in the world.

Surf Body Connection’s online programs help you to restore fundamental movement patterns by building or rebuilding each surf skill with a solid foundational movement. We used proven functional movement analysis models to break down each key component of surfing in our 3 courses: Paddle, Pop Up, and Duck Dive.  Each course begins with a surf-specific movement screen to help you identify where your trouble areas are,and walks you through step-by-step to build your strength and movement skillset for surfing.

Surf Body Connection has broken down functional movement patterns of surfing into 6 steps so you can connect your movement pitfalls with where you may be struggling on your board. We give you the tools to paddle stronger, pop up  more quickly, feel stronger during your duck dive, so you can prevent injury, recover from being dry docked, and ultimately surf longer in life.

We have taken 3 areas of surfing (more areas to come in the future!) and created specific course content and curriculum for each one of these surfing areas. We also offer a bundled package The Whole Enchilada of these 3 courses at a significant discount. favorite workouts The course is designed in an open format, so that you can go the section of each course that you need to work on the most. Our goal is to eliminate frustration of having to wade through  or wait for email dripped content that is not applicable to your situation. Additionally, if you purchase The Whole Enchilada, our 3 Course Bundle, you have access to a 20 minute complimentary coaching call to get you guided in the right direction.

Throughout the course we may recommend you use a few essential items (resistance bands are probably the number one recommendation), however it is not entirely necessary to obtain these. Any course lesson that has an equipment recommendation provides a link to the equipment that we suggest, however the choice is up to you.

You will lifetime access to Surf Body Connection’s course per Terms and Conditions.

We want you to be happy, so you may purchase this course and return it based on our return policy outlined in our Terms and Conditions within 30 days.

Surf Body Connection’s courses are priced in US Dollars. International purchases may incur international fees depending on your payment method


I created this course by pulling from the latest peer-reviewed surf research and merging it with over 20 years of experience in the combined fields of physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, life coaching, and surf coaching.

I believe that surfing contributes to an overall improved quality of decreasing stress levels, improving cardiovascular health, creating community and globally improving your health.. My goal is to help you stay injury free, build confidence, and stay connected to the ocean for life.

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