My Top 9 Home Gym Recommendations for Staying Fit While Stuck at Home

My Top 9 Recommendations for Setting up a Home Gym.. Plus 2 Other Great Tools To Staying Fit While On House Arrest

With most beaches, gyms, physical therapy clinics, etc. being closed, limiting access to surf and 'normal' routines, I wanted to share some of my fave tools for setting up a home gym.

If you need some accountability, guidance, or continued physical therapy to help get you through this nutty time, don't be afraid to schedule a FREE 15 minute consult by clicking HERE.  

Here are My Top 9 Recommendations for Setting up a Home Gym

1) Fave Band Loops: These are great for hip and shoulder exercises. 

2) Fave All Purpose Cord: This is truly a work of art that allows you 5 points of contact.

3) Cupping Sets: Your best bet to self-mobilize soft tissue... next to a tennis ball. 

4) Foam Roller:  This. Is. A. Staple. Item.

5) Jump Rope: A classic for getting in cardio from home.


6) Gym Ball: While some may not see this as an essential, it's still one of my fave's.


7) Yoga Blocks: Having trouble popping up on your surf board? Try this hack (maybe 2 sets):

8) Yoga Mat: Create your space to exercise.

9) Kettle Bell: Because, sometimes you need a little weight behind things.


All of the products for setting up a home gym included in this post are genuine recommendations. I've used each product and would wholeheartedly recommend them to my closest friends and family members. I am not receiving any sales commission from the brands or product manufacturers. I simply want to help you set up a home gym that is full of reliable, high quality equipment so that you can maintain your fitness and flexibility through this crazy time.


BONUS 1:  Since the COVID 19 Crisis, I have really enjoyed being able to accurately track my movement, heart rate, and calories burned using the Apple 3 Watch . This ensures that I am getting the activity that I need AND will alert me during the day to get up from my desk, take breaks, etc..  

BONUS 2: Tired of just 'surf-related' exercises? Check out Peloton's app.. You can download it on your tablet, phone, TV AND it interfaces with the Apple Watch too. Right now, they are offering a 90 day free trial to their app. With choices from yoga, to meditation, cycling, strengthening, and more... you are bound to find something to help keep you healthy, fit and strong while on 'house arrest'. 

If you are seeking continued physical therapy, accountability, or additional recommendations, I encourage you to schedule a FREE 15 minute consult. You can do that by clicking HERE.  


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