This Too Shall Pass..7 days of FREE Surf Workouts To Help Get Through

This Too Shall Pass... Here's 7 days of FREE Surf-Workouts To Help Get You Through It.

A year ago today, I was packing a bag and checking into Cedars Sinai Hospital for 3 days to have a degenerative disc removed from my L4/L5 segment in my spine, and replaced with titanium spacers, rods and screws. I was terrified having had 2 prior spine surgeries to have to go through another surgery, so close to my central nervous system.. but I was even more terrified that I couldn’t walk or stand up any longer due to excruciating pain.


(Check out those stellar socks AND the hairdo..)

In a lot of ways, the last couple of surgeries have been prepping me for what we are going through now… minus the pandemic and fear of the fallout from COVID 19 of course. But the parts about:

  • staying home
  • trying to sleep and eat well
  • trying keep active within my ability and restrictions
  • keeping my mental ‘speed up in the turns’ (as my grandpa would say)
  • remembering that there will be a time when I would be able to surf again-- are all things I had to practice for the last 2 years to get through back surgery.


Strangely, I feel like the amount of down time I had because of the surgeries was almost a dress rehearsal gifted to me as practice for this crazy world event that we are all going through. I can’t tell you how hard it is to be a physical therapist helping surfers stay in the water, when I myself was physically unable to surf myself. But, I kept in mind and in my heart, that there would be another time when I'd be able to surf again.. possibly even stronger for it. 


I had hoped maybe the beaches would be reopening at some point, but after seeing more parking and public recreation path closures this morning, it doesn’t look likely. I know that as the sun comes out, and the days lengthen, the frustration and anxiousness of not being able to be in the ocean or surf may be building for some of you. And.. with that in mind, I wanted to share something that my friend Rob Case at Surf Paddle Academy put together to help people out.

It’s a FREE 1-week-long surf fitness program that you can sign up for and practice at home. If you like it, you can continue for the rest of the month for a full 30 day paid program.

If you don't know Rob Case, he's kind of a genius. He has taken surf paddling technique and coaching to the NEXT level with his in person and online programs. If 7 Days of FREE exercises isn't what you're looking for, go ahead and check out his site and see some of his other surf technique programs at




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