A Quick Cleaning Hack

A Quick Cleaning Hack

If you're anything like me, a new onset of cleaning neurosis has come about over the last few weeks. Anything from the grocery store or delivered to my doorstep gets the full 'wipe down' before going into the pantry. 


Here's the thing though.. Many people aren't able to access Clorox wipes or disinfectant, and, lets face it.. many of these products aren't exceptional for the environment either. 


Today I want to share with you a couple resources for you to make your own disinfectant wipes ... perhaps this should come with a label/caviot **I AM NOT A CHEMIST**..


Non-bleach wipes that are mostly compostable (Aunt Fannies Cleaning Vinegar Wipes) are still available on Amazon.. (click the image below): 


Scientists have touted the combination of Vinegar and Isopropyl Alcohol for years (READ MORE HERE) .. vinegar is a very safe disinfecting agent, and alcohol is used to sanitize many things. 


So here you go,  if you get the vinegar wipes, and want to add a little more oomph, you could try pouring 1/4 cup of 70% strength alcohol over these existing wipes.  The alcohol is not ingestible, and could damage some hard surfaces, so use your best discretion here. 

Out of rubbing alcohol too??  You may want to try the following site: https://eyeglasssupplystore.com/ where as of today, April 4th, you can buy a quart of 98.9% pure isopropyl alcohol for approximately $28.00.



Hope that helps during a time where toilet paper is scarce, and cleaning wipes are even scarcer.. And hey.. at least the vinegar wipes are biodegradable. 

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