Ease Post-Surf Low Back Pain With Cupping

Ease Post-Surf Low Back Pain With Cupping

back pain cupping surfing May 06, 2020

After a 6-week hiatus from surfing due to COVID related beach closures, a few beaches finally opened last week, allowing for surfing.  Given that parking has been a nightmare nearby most beaches, and, more optimal surfing spots aren't necessarily a stones-throw from the open beach access points, a bike with surf racks is definitely indicated. 

That aside, driving an old beach cruiser for 2-3 miles, through wet and thickened sand, with a single-fin long board rattling around, was most definitely a recipe for back pain. 

I found myself biking through several miles of wet sand to get to my favorite breaks.  While enjoying the morning rides on a rickety beach cruiser, with an imbalanced bike rack and a long board, my back muscles by the end of the session have had a few things to 'say'. 

In case you're having similar issues, here's a quick DIY video on some strategies to managing back pain, tightness, stiffness pre/ post surf with the use of cupping. Cups are used to help lift and move fascia, improve circulation, and modulate pain.  


Check out either one of these cupping options below.. I have the 15 Cup Set (shown in video) which comes with a longer hose attachment to the pump, or if simple and less better suits you (and you have some one to perhaps help with cup application), then I'd recommend the smaller set. 




If you are having back pain, or any other type pain, and think you may benefit from cupping or Telehealth PT, reach out and set up a quick 15 minute consult and I can try and see how I can help you best. 

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