Avoid Neck and Back Pain While You're Surfing (The Web)

Avoid Neck and Back Pain While You're Surfing (The Web)

It sounds silly, but with the beaches closed in most places, and many people now telecommuting/ working from home, surf-injury prevention may actually start right from your home office. 

As a physical therapist, I am frequently reminding my patients that often surf-related injuries or pain come from the things we do most in our day, and less often from surfing itself. In my Back To Surf course, I even provide a whole module/ lesson (on day 9) about how to set up your work station and provide a checklist to help minimize poor posture while working from the computer.

However, despite the knowledge that I like to share with my clients about how to help mitigate shoulder, neck, and back pain from day-to-day activities, I quickly found myself four weeks ago with increased low back pain and tension headaches. 


With the COVID 19 pandemic, I ended up moving all of my in-person physical therapy and wellness services from the clinic onto an online platform and working remotely via telehealth. While the transition came with predictable ups and downs, the one thing that caught me off guard was how much back pain I had after the first week of staring at my computer screen. 

 In the past I had purchased from Uncaged Ergonomics about 5 years ago. I liked the original portable product, but it wasn't really sufficient for full time telecommuting. After having to move my work to being 100% online/ remote because of COVID 19, I found myself with back and neck pain within about a week of telecommuting and knew that if I didn't invest in a better desk, that I'd probably end up with a repetitive injury or something.


I can't say enough good things.. seriously worth the investment. If you have been thinking about incorporating a standing desk into your home office setup, now may be the time to invest. Click on the images ABOVE to learn more.


I ordered the desk last weekend, received it with free shipping 2 days later, and was able to put it together with my husband in about an hour (and not even get into an argument about how to do so).. which was a win right out of the gate. I now am a proud owner of a 60 inch wide bamboo desk that I adjust all day long depending on if I am needing to sit of stand. I also purchased the anti fatigue mat (A MUST) and a wobble stool which has made sitting at my new desk a much more tolerable experience.


Not ready to invest in a standing desk just yet but looking for some tips on how to set up your workstation? No worries.. click HERE to download Surf Body Connection's Home Office Set Up guide. 


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