2 Healthy Meals for Surfers for Optimal Recovery After Surfing

2 Healthy Meals For Surfers For Optimal Recovery

When I initially started my business in 2013, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing nutritionist, Heather Fleming with Conscious Nutrition. Heather has a really fresh and open minded approach to creating healthy meals. She has helped many of my clients and family members achieve their health goals, from weight loss, to reducing pain and inflammation; even fighting and preventing cancer. I love her energy! So, recently I sent her an email to help me field some questions that I recently have received from current clients.

Here’s the list of questions about healthy meals for surfers:

  1. What should I eat in the morning before I paddle out that is a high energy food, but won’t ‘sit’ in my stomach?
  2. How much time should I allow between eating and surfing?
  3. What is a good food to replenish after surfing a long (2-4 hour) session?
  4. What types of foods should I steer towards that are high energy, but help with inflammation?
  5. Are there any cold pressed juices/ vegetable or fruit based that you would recommend when I am surfing in hotter climates? What about colder climates?
  6. What caloric considerations should I have when surfing in colder climates (e.g.. ocean 40 degrees or colder).

Heather came up with 4 different food options to help answer some of these questions about healthy meals for surfers and foods for optimal recovery!

Please check out her YouTube Channel and the following 2 links!

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