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In the last few months Surf Body Connection has undergone some big changes.

We are pleased to announce that, on July 3rd, we will be launching a brand new online guided learning experience, to help you improve your pop-up. The course will take you step by step to create a custom exercise and stretching program for you, to help with low back and hip mobility issues. 

The next thing that I wanted to bring up was the #stoptrashingwaves campaign. Every year I spend time collecting garbage off our beaches, but with a recent back surgery, I hadn't been able to for a while. That said, now that I'm feeling better, and with summer arriving in the next few weeks, now is a great time to grab a bucket, a grabber, and see what you can take up off our beaches.

I am beginning a weekly meetup group in Cardiff at low tide to help clean up the beaches (we'll meet every Wednesday during the afternoon or evening low tide if possible) as well as considering re-purposing the #trashbucketchallenge. After all, my goal of keeping surfers surfing longer in life is defunct without a clean and healthy ocean too.  

Plastics and debris litter our beaches and waterways, harm animals, and ultimately leach toxins into our food chain.

Detrimental effects of BPA are real, and we hope to help bring more awareness to this issue. Who wants to dive into an ocean filled with gross pollutants?   

I will be looking to feature environmentally friendly products in future courses and blog posts, as well as household ideas, and ways that you can help do your part in managing this environmental crisis. Please keep an eye for upcoming blog posts about sustainability!

If you have any further questions about what you can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out. And if you are injured and can’t surf, cleaning the beach is sometimes something you CAN do to help rehab your injury AND help the beaches!

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