• Is your pop-up holding you back from surfing the way that you'd like?


  • Are you suffering from a stiff back or tightness in your hips?


  • Do you need some accountability to stay on target with your exercise program?


  • Are you looking to rebuild confidence in the water?

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Hi, I’m Shane.

Your surf wellness coach and physical therapist. 

Surfing has given me: 

  • Headspace and freedom from stress
  • Helped fill my soul
  • Improved my mood
  • Offered me community
  • Improved my outlook on life


 (you can read my full story and check out my bio here).


As a Surf Wellness Coach and Physical Therapist, I frequently hear the following concerns from my clients:

  • Ongoing difficulty popping up and/or trouble surfing your favorite board because of it.
  • Complaints of increased stiffness in the low back and hips affecting your relationship with surfing.
  • Not being able to surf as much OR as frequently and as well as you'd like, therefore affecting your mood, outlook, and relationships at home.
  • Awareness of our body’s signs of muscle tightness, core weakness, or postural deficits, but not having the time or ability to stick to a meaningful exercise program. 
  • Frustration that back and hip mobility problems are contributing to inefficient surfing, or worse, sustaining a back  injury that may keep you out of the water (or work, for that matter).

Here's Some Good News:

Research shows us that with education, exercise, and some subtle mindset shifts, we can LIMIT your risk for low back injury, AND improve your surfing - all at the same time. If staying committed to surfing for life is important to you, then this class is a MUST.

If you’re ready to commit to your health, your body, and surfing for life, I invite you to join me in this online course experience, so you can learn all the information I’ve been gathering over the last 10+ years to help keep you active, healthy and surfing for life.

Finally, There's A Course To Help You Get Back In The Water..

  • Many surfers get to a point where your body is run down, in pain, or moving dysfunctionally, making it exponentially more difficult to get back in the water and regain confidence in their bodies and surfing.
  • Then begins the vicious cycle of not feeling strong or confident in your body, and then not wanting to get in the water and surf.
  • My goal is to prevent you from getting to that point of difficult return, or, if you ARE at that point, help guide you back to the water in a safe and functional way that works for you!



Here's How The Course Works:

Back To Surf Is A Turbo-Charged, Interactive Learning Experience

Over 6 weeks, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of your own body’s movement patterns as they relate to surfing and an awareness of dysfunctional movement patterns, so you create your own roadmap to combat them. By the end of the course, you’ll have a huge library of exercises and techniques designed to help you surf stronger, and prevent injury, all while building confidence in your body and your ability to surf.

What You'll Learn

Week 1: We'll kick off the course by having you go through a functional movement screen so that you can identify trouble area's that you may want to work on throughout the course. 

Week 2: We'll discuss the importance of posture during your day-to-day. We dive into Janda's upper and lower crossed syndromes, and will have you do a self assessment of your workstation. 

Week 3: We take a look at what is motor control and motor programming. We explore exercises that rebuild our developmental movement patterns. 

Week 4: We look a little closer at key muscle groups needed for popping up, reflect on your movement screen, and identify important stretches that match YOUR needs. 

Week 5: During this week, we build upon the prior weeks' foundational knowledge, to determine what low back and hip muscles may need strengthening, versus stretching, versus motor control. 

Week 6: In our final week, we pull all of our knowledge gained together to create more dynamic and agile exercises to help with popping up and surfing. 

BONUS Guest Speakers!

Check out this AMAZING line up of guest speakers available to you during your 6-week course. These experts bring supporting information to help you along your lifelong surfing journey.

Kamryn Shada

Pilates Instructor and Breath Work Coach

Rob Case

Creator of The Surfing Paddling Academy

Heather Fleming

Clinical Nutritionist & Owner Conscious Nutrition

The Investment

This 6 week course dripped to your email, access to guest speaker calls in our online community, and discounted surf wellness success call for just:


Frequently Asked Questions

Surf Body Connection’s online programs help you to restore fundamental movement patterns by building or rebuilding each surf skill with a solid foundational movement. We use proven functional movement analysis models to break down each key component of surfing in our 3 courses: Paddle, Pop Up, and Duck Dive. Each course begins with a surf-specific movement screen to help you identify where your trouble areas are, and walks you through step-by-step to build your strength and movement skillets for surfing.



Surf Body Connection has broken down functional movement patterns of surfing into 6 steps so you can connect your movement pitfalls with where you may be struggling on your board. We give you the tools to paddle stronger, pop up more quickly, feel stronger during your duck dive, so you can prevent injury, recover from being dry docked, and ultimately surf longer in life.

Surf Body Connection’s online experiences can be accessed by anyone around the world who has the mission to stay connected to the ocean and surfing for life.  While our programs are recommend for surfers who are 18 years and older, we find that surf coaches and other surf professionals can implement our content in their training program with younger populations.

This DIY Program is designed for you to move through the program at your own pace, and, from anywhere in the world.

Surf Body Connection’s courses are online learning experience developed by a Physical Therapist, based on the latest peer reviewed surf research, to address surf injury prevention, surf strengthening, surf mobility, and functional movement to help you surf for life. 

These courses are based in proven functional movement foundations and screening tools, as well as observation and treatment of common movement and mobility deficits seen among both professional and recreational surfers of all ages. These courses were developed after researching injury trends seen in peer reviewed scientific literature, injuries seen in competitive and recreational surfers in the clinic, beachside, and in competition were all considerations that were put into creating these courses. That said, Surf Body Connection is an online educational platform is here to help you prevent injuries through research based content, and keep you connected to the ocean and surfing for life!

Throughout the course we may recommend you use a few essential items (resistance bands are probably the number one recommendation), however it is not entirely necessary to obtain these. Any course lesson that has an equipment recommendation provides a link to the equipment that we suggest, however the choice is up to you.

You will have lifetime access to Surf Body Connection’s course per Terms and Conditions.

We want you to be happy, so you may purchase this course and return it based on our return policy outlined in our Terms and Conditions within 30 days.

Although this course is being offered by a physical therapist and  clinician, the course itself is not meant to replace clinical treatment.  Shane is not qualified to diagnose or advise on medical conditions outside of her physical therapy licensed jurisdictions. That said, if you need physical therapy services, and live in an area that I cannot help serve you, I am happy to help you find someone in your area who is a good fit.  Back To Surf is offered for educational purposes, and to share tools and techniques that may help you improve low back and hip mobility. There is no guarantee of results. If you are concerned about whether you should participate in this course, you must consult your doctor.


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